If This Teaser Doesn’t ‘Kill’ You, Parchi Will!


The first look of Azfar Jafri’s Parchi is out and we can’t be more surprised from the slickly edited trailer and the Hollywoodish treatment. Call it Reservoir Dogs, Usual Suspects or any other film with an ensemble lineup, the film promises to entertain the audience whenever it is released.

The story isn’t known from the teaser but one thing is certain, it revolves around the Parchi culture that is as much part of our lives as the Oxygen we breathe in. Let’s meet the good-looking stars of Parchi who have dominated the teaser and set your screen on fire!

Parchi Movie Teaser Brings Hareem Farooq’s Badass Side To The Screen

Hareem Farooq

She looks as badass as it gets in the teaser of what is her third flick as a leading lady; this is the third time she is working with Azfar Jafri and Imran Malik and while she played a distressed mother in Siyaah, she had a cameo in Janaan that she also co-produced. She is co-producer here as well but had she not been, she would have been the ideal choice for the role of a female gangster. She uses her ‘different’ voice to interrogate the masoom bound to a chair and then slaps him hard just as any real-life gangster would have. In addition, she gets to dance as well just as she did in Dobara Phir Se, her last cinematic attempt before Parchi.

Ali Rehman Khan

He may resemble Ranveer Singh in the teaser but Ali Rehman Khan finally gets the lead role in a Pakistani film (not counting Slackistan and Gol Chakkar); he surprised the audience with his comic timing in Janaan last year and is all set to raise the bar with his second collaboration with the same director and producer. From the first look, it seems that he is in some kind of trouble with gangsters and one hopes that the execution is better than it was in Jalaibee that more or less followed the same genre.

Ahmed Ali Akbar

 We all were surprised to see the super talented Ahmed Ali Akbar waste himself in Ho Mann Jahaan where he danced the best in Shakar Wadaan but had nearly no lines in the rest of the film. We also missed his ‘Sam’ in Lahore Se Aagey so when it was announced that he will be part of this flick, we all were excited. He brings the ‘filmstar’ feel to what is his second collaboration with the producer and director after Siyaah and we hope he manages to come out as a winner, again!

Usman Mukhtar

If there was a Superman in Pakistani cinema, his name would have been Usman Mukhtar. He is not only an accomplished director but also a brilliant actor who had made countless short films before his commercial cinema debut with Janaan. Here he plays one of the guys affected by the Parchi and even gets to show off his skills as a dancer. However, the interesting thing is that he is also the Director of Photography of the film and all the Hollywoodish frames you see here were okayed by him. Interesting, isn’t it?

Shafqat Khan

 This talented writer/actor/director is known as Shafqi in theatre circles and he played the villain’s henchmen in Janaan if you must know. He is the man who penned the script and delivers the lines regarding Parchi in the teaser. People who have worked with him term him a comic genius and one hopes that he will be able to justice to the tag.

Azfar Jafri 

There are film directors and then there is Azfar Jafri. He doesn’t show that he is working with all his heart until he is sure of his product. One look at the trailer will tell you that he has used Guy Ritchie as an inspiration and the film will be fast paced like Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and similarly themed films. The background music is near perfect here and the director must be commended for keeping the audience’s intrigue intact with this smartly produced teaser. Waiting for the trailer now!

Imran Kazmi

 This young man with a cute smile doesn’t look like a film producer and if my memory serves me right, he played the captive in the Parchi teaser that was screened after the Janaan credits. Had it been up to me, I would have made him act in the film but he chooses to produce hits than act in one. This is his third film as a producer and he hopes that it turns out to be his biggest hit … so do we!

The ‘Parchis’

If you have attended Female Standup Comedy sessions in Karachi, then you might know Faiza Saleem who joins theatre actors Mojiz Hasan and Syed Talal Jillani as debutants. Mojiz played the Bengali in Anwar Maqsood’s Pawnay 14 August and is the one who gets slapped by badass Hareem in the teaser; Talal is a talented actor who was part of Kopykats Productions as Allama Iqbal, Mehboob Ahmed and multiple characters in 14 August series and Aangan Terrha. Last but not the least, Osman Khalid Butt choreographs the film’s songs and we all are so looking forward to that!

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