Teefa in Trouble to be the Ultimate Blockbuster?


The rebirth of Pakistani cinema has pushed many Pakistani celebrities to reinvent themselves. One of those celebrities is Ali Zafar, who has unbelievably transformed himself for his upcoming movie “Teefa in trouble”.

The hottie is making literally making the ladies weak in the knees with his macho avatar!

Women can give us strength that we can't. With my trainer Tania when in Lahore. Go girl!

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 Ahsan Rahim’s big-screen directorial debut film Teefa in Trouble marks the debut of the gorgeous Maya Ali and our dashing singer!

Good times. #tnt #teefaintrouble?

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Apart from that, Ali has been witnessed performing all the dangerous stunts on his own to give this movie a better taste.


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Along with Maya and Ali Zafar, we will see Javed Sheikh, Faisal Qureshi, Mahnoor Haider, Fia Khan and many other stars in this movie.

Ali Zafar as ‘Teefa’ and Maya Ali as ‘Anya’, the action-comedy blockbuster is expected to hit the screens on 23rd September 2017.