Tere Bina Drama on GEO TV: OST, Timings, Cast


Tere Bina is a Pakistani drama currently airing on Geo TV. The serial features Sami Khan, Neelam Muneer, Humayun Ashraf and Fareeha Hassan.


Drama serial “Tere Bina” revolves around the central character Pakeezah, whose action taken in haste changes her life forever. She belongs to a middle-class family having orthodox mentality mother, who often dictates her typical restrictions. Pakeezah, on the other hand, is a freedom loving girl, having a liberal point of view towards life. She’s in love with a guy named Umair. Her love interest, Umair is a native resident of another city, but for education and business, he is temporarily living in a similar city.

Pakeezah’s mother fixes her match with a rich guy and this situation creates panic for two lovebirds. It is cleared to the love-couple that their families can’t accept this union so they decided for the option of court marriage. After the nikah, Umair leaves her (Pakeezah) to his friend “Shan” and Shan’s wife Saima and promises Pakeezah that he will come back soon.

Pakeezah now keeps living in Shan’s house but when she realize that it has been very long and Umair is not coming back to her, she decides to reach Umair’s house, where she got to know that Umair is trapped in a very critical family situation, where he is sacrificing to marry his brother Zubair’s fiancé as Zubair backed out.

Umair was shocked seeing Pakeezah at his house, where Pakeezah introduces herself as Umair’s friend, not his wife.

Will Pakeezah ever able to disclose her identity as Umair’s wife?


The title song of Tere Bina has been sung by Asim Azhar & Sara Haider


Drama serial Tere Bina airs every Tuesday on Geo TV – Har Pal GEO at 8:00 PM


Cast: Sami Khan, Neelam Muneer, Humayun Ashraf, Fareeha Hassan, Qavi Khan, Shabbir Jan, Laila Zuberi, Farah Nadir, Saleem Mairaj, Iqra Shahid, Parveen Akbar and others.

Written by: Saqlain Abbas

Directed by: Syed Ali Raza Usama

Produced by: Aijaz Aslam

Production House: ICE Media & Entertainment