The Epic Trailer of “Motorcycle Girl” Reveals That It Will Break Many Stereotypes!


The most awaited movie of this season, “Motorcycle Girl” has finally released its official trailer and let’s just say, it’s going to be hard waiting for its release!

Starring Sohai Ali Abro, Motorcycle girl has been around the news lately due to its interesting title and as the name suggests, this movie will be breaking many stereotypes and will focus on women empowerment!

Watch the trailer below!


The epic trailer suggests that this movie is going to focus on several different social issues a woman face on daily basis. From being criticized over small things to riding a bike, Zenith (Sohai) will decide to focus on her goals only and in order to complete her father’s last wish, she will go on an adventurous ride on her motorcycle alone.

It is written and directed by Adnan Sarwar and is based on a true story of the real motorcycle girl, Zenith Irfan, who is considered as the first Pakistani girl to travel alone on a bike to the north. It also stars Sameena Peerzada, Ali Kazmi and Sarmad Khoosat in the leading cast.

Ali Kazmi will play the character of Zenith’s fiance and their is no chemistry between them which will lead  to problems in their life.


We will also see Sarmad Khoosat (Zenith’s boss), who thinks that a girl riding a motorcycle is against the social norms and asks Zenith if she wants to keep the job, she’ll have to quit riding her bike!

Samina Peerzada will play the character of Zenith’s mother and tbh, they both make a good mother daughter duo!

Paying no attention to the world, Zenith will go on her journey to through these beautiful sites as we see the glimpse of it in the trailer!

Motorcycle girl is set to release on the 20th of April and the first glimpse into the movie proved that it will be worth waiting for!

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