The Glassworker: Pakistan’s First Hand-Drawn Animated Movie

Usman Riaz The Glassworker

Usman Riaz, the young talented sensation, is all set to direct Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated feature film, The Glassworker, and the trailer is to be released in the coming week at the TedX session.

Riaz believes that the traditional hand-drawn technique needs to be revived, especially in the digital age. The art is rooted in reality reminding us of simpler times.

The GlassworkerThe Glassworker

The story revolves around a young boy named Vincent, who is learning the art of glass-blowing from his father. The film highlights the complexities of love as the boy falls for one of the frequent visitors of his shop.

The movie will be produced by Kickstarter, through crowd funding source, in an attempt to involve the community and explore new artists. The project is in its initial gear, and will take roughly three years for completion.

Following Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s animated movie 3 Bahadur, Usman Riaz’s venture will further enrich the field of animation in Pakistan.