The Internet is Going Gaga over This Candid Photo of Ahad And Sajal


When we talk about the most adorable on-screen couples, Ahad and Sajal are of the first names that comes to our mind. Even though they have starred in only one drama together and will soon be seen in another upcoming drama “Aangan”, but the chemistry shared by these two makes them everyone’s favorite!

Aangan has to be the most popular drama that has created so much hype prior to its release and every other day, we get to see some new pictures from the set of Aangan and our excitement increases even more!

This time we have got our hands on a candid photo of Ahad and Sajal and internet is going gaga over the overflowing cuteness in this picture!

Have a look!

Seeing these two sharing the most adorable candid moment is the best thing you will see today. Ahad and Sajal have given their fans another picture to cherish before Aangan hits our screens!

That involuntary “wow” after seeing this picture!

The “cutest love birds”!


They look absolutely adorable together!


Everyone’s favorite!

We can already predict!

Some want them to get married ASAP!

This one asked others to pray for both of them to become a real life couple!


This is not the first time that people are going crazy over Ahad and Sajal’s chemistry. Recently when they both were spotted at Lux Style Awards 2018, their fans took the internet by storm and labelled them as the cutest couple in town!

LSA 2018: People are Declaring Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly As the Cutest Couple in Town


Some people make such a huge impact on us that we can’t help but adore them to the fullest. Ahad and Sajal are one of those celebrities who can make us smile with even their candid photos circulating on the internet. It’s all about our unconditional love for our favorite stars that we can’t get enough of!

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