The Possible Ending of Khaani and the Fate of Mir Hadi!


With only one episode left to wrap it up, people are eagerly waiting to find out how the super thrilling story of Khaani is going to end and what is going to be the fate of Mir Hadi!

Keeping us all on the edge of our seats for the entire time and breaking all the records of rating and popularity, another thing that Khaani is famous for is the love of millions of fans that make them flood our news feed with their reviews and predictions all the time. Even though Hadi has pleaded for the death penalty himself after confessing his sins but still, there are 2 other possible endings for this story and Khaani fans can’t wait to find out the actual one!

The official Har Pal Geo TV page held a poll to predict the fate of Mir Hadi and on its basis, the fandom of Khaani seems to be divided into 3 groups!

Many are in favor to hang him till death and think of it as a just ending to this story as it is going to set an example and will influence on our social culture!

Some think that Mir Hadi should be sentenced to lifetime imprisonment considering his transformation and the guilt he is living with. Sitara has also begged Sonia for the same fate for Hadi because as a mother, she can’t see her only son die!

For many, the love-hate relationship with Mir Hadi has transformed purely into love and they can’t see Mir Hadi hang till death in the last episode of their favourite drama.  They want Khaani and her family to forgive Hadi because they think he has already suffered a lot!

Fans are coming up with interesting memes in support of Mir Hadi!


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They want Khaani to forgive him already!


When FIFA World Cup and Khaani fever collide!

Another one!


And then, there are some who don’t only want to see Hadi alive but also want him to marry Khaani and live happily ever after!

And after watching the promo for the last episode of Khaani, Mir Hadi fans are like

What do you think is going to be the fate of Mir Hadi? Let us know in the comments below.

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