The ‘Real’ Reason Why Hania Aamir Has A Dimple!


Dimples can be very attractive and adorable although some people might think otherwise. However, dimples are associated with beauty, good luck and prosperity in some cultures. You know, just as they say for a big forehead?

Honestly speaking, dimples just make you look cute!

Speaking of dimples, our bubbliest Pakistani actress Hania Aamir has also been blessed with a dimple on her left cheek. Yes, that makes her even more adorable! Moreover, in an interview earlier, Hania revealed the real reason as to how she got the dimple!

While discussing her dimple with Nida Yasir during her show, Hania said:

“My mother prayed for her daughter to have a dimple. So it’s because of her prayers that I got it.

Watch this video!

Continuing the conversation, Nida Yasir asked Hania which side of the face does she likes more to be photographed because of the dimple upon which, Hania said, “It doesn’t really matter which side is being photographed”.

For those who are interested in knowing what Hania Aamir is up to lately, well, she’s been entertaining her fans on her Instagram account. Also, her drama serial Ishqiya on ARY Digital and Dilruba on HUM TV are currently on air.

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