The Trailer of Hameed Sheikh’s Debut Hollywood Movie “The Man from Kathmandu” is Now Out!


Known for his roles in Khuda Kay Liye, 021 and Moor, Hameed Sheikh is now all set to mark his Hollywood debut with an action-drama flick “The Man from Kathmandu”, which will make to cinemas soon.

Although we still have to wait for its release, the much-awaited trailer of “The Man from Kathmandu” is now out and Hameed Sheikh will play the role of a monk from Nepal in this upcoming movie with a seemingly intriguing storyline.

Watch the trailer of “The Man from Kathmandu” below!


Revolving around the life-changing quest of an American-Nepali boy, The Man from Kathmandu will take you on a journey all the way from Los Angeles to the peaks of Himalayas.

Hameed Sheikh, as Pundit Harshvardhan, will play an important role in the story and the veteran Bollywood actor, Gulshan Grover as Abu Mia Siddiqui, will be seen as his rival.


Jose Manuel as Faisal Mustafa, who is half Muslim-half Hindu, decides to leave LA and prepare to join ISIS, thinking that his father is in Syria. He holds grudges towards his maternal grandfather, who he thinks is responsible for the separation of his parents.


Faisal’s life changes as he faces deportation and travels to Kathmandu. There he finds his grandfather and childhood lover, Namrata played by a Nepali actress, Anna Sharma.

Faisal gets in trouble with Abu Mia, a local don and a wannabe politician. Pundit Harshvardhan is Abu’s rival and decides to get him down with Faisal’s help.

From a dysfunctional family to reconnecting to his roots and culture that he had forgotten, Faisal’s quest will totally change his life and as the tagline says,

“Not a Superhero, a hero”

Directed by Pema Dhondup, the rest of the cast includes Hameed Sheikh, Gulshan Grover, Jose Manuel, Neer Shah, Karma, Shishir Bangdel and Anna Sharma.

The Man from Kathmandu is currently in its post-production phase and is expected to be released soon!

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