These Pictures of Noor Bukhari On An Umrah With Her Daughter Are precious


Performing Hajj or Umrah is one of the most important aim of a Muslim. Many Muslims want to perform this journey at least once in their lifetime and this includes celebrities as well. It shouldn’t be a surprise that stars want to focus on their religious duties as well.

Over the years we have seen countless of local actors and even foreign ones like Amir Khan performing Umrah. Noor Bukhari is also one of these beautiful people who is currently out of country for her pilgrimage and she’s not alone. In fact, she has taken one of the most cutest companions imaginable with her, her daughter.

Previously, there were many rumors going around about the actress’ fifth marriage and there were many people who started questioning her because of the foul rumors. However, they were quickly cleared by Noor. Now she’s just busy having the best time with her most adorable daughter. MashaAllah!

Noor Bukhari looks absolutely beautiful while praying, don’t you think?

Not only that, have you seen how adorable her daughter is?

And her daughter wasn’t the only one who came with her!

It seems like everyonehave long forgotten about the rumor and like the actress, they have also decided to bury the rumors where they belong.

Many fans were seen praising her daughter, because obviously, why not? She’s precious!

We’re not kidding..

Let’s start encouraging and praising her personality as well, shall we?

Noor Bukhari is one of the most amazing people that have made their way into the entertainment industry and we should continue to support her as good fans!

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