These Vacation Pictures of Iqra Aziz Will Give You Major Travel Goals!

iqra aziz

The first day of the year is always bond with celebrations and excitement. Now, aside from the whole concept of partying and fireworks, isn’t there an absolute better way to celebrate new years? Yes, there is. In fact, some people would say that the opposite of partying is relaxing and pampering yourself to the best extend you can, and Iqra Aziz is showing us exactly that.

Iqra Aziz and her sister, Sidra Aziz are having the best pampering time of their lives in Thailand. From walking on the beach and riding speed boats to pampering oneself on the spas of Krabi, the two sisters are not missing a single spot. They are also sharing some of the fun moments on their instagram and we can’t top smiling!

They’re so adorable!

Here’s Sidra Aziz looking gorgeous in her beach outfit and sunglasses.

Just look at the awesome view from a speed boat surfing on the waves of Thailand.

These two definitely gave us vacation goals for this new year. Stay tuned to very Filmi for more updates!