This Episode On Keeping Up With The Khans – Faryal Is Called Michael Jackson


On the new episode of Keeping Up with the Khans, Faryal Makhdoom, speaks out on international platform, about the Khan’s family feud which has stirred up lots of controversies around the world, especially for Mr. Khan.

Till death do us part?

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The 30-year old British boxer is also fed-up with all the drama which has caused him to lash out on social media after Mrs. Khan shared a picture of her drunk and nude brother-in-law, she has now said in an interview her in-laws refer to her as ‘Michael Jackson’. Amir Khan has since deleted his tweets.

The 25-year old talked about how she was married early-on in to a big family, and was pregnant, while Amir’s sister and brother used Twitter and Instagram to rant about how Mrs. Khan is fake, has had plastic surgery, and even referred to her as MJ to mock her. She even added that her recent cat-walk, which was praised by many was referred to as ‘dog walk’ by Amir Khan’s sister.


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While she was at home, she was called terms like ‘Gold Digger’ and was often bullied that she only married Amir for his money and fame. All these rants have seem to have build-up, crossing Faryal Makhdoom’s patience levels, leading to the nude-snap she shared on Snapchat earlier.

Now, bookies are willing to bet that soon the Khans will get their own reality show and Mrs. Khan will be the new Kim K of Hollywood.

Here is the clip from the interview.