This Picture of Hania Amir From Her College Days Will Surprise You


Hania Amir is a shining star of Pakistan’s entertainment industry who had emerged into the industry back in 2016. Be it her film debut in Janaan or her appearance in the shampoo commercial, she has become an overnight star due to her youthful looks and personality.

But that’s not what we are here to talk about.

Recently, there has been a picture of Hania Amir circulating around social media. It has been reportedly said that this picture is from her college days. Take a look at it yourself!

Many people on the social media have been circulating it as her early college days picture. Here is what the netizens are saying about it:

This is true, however, simplicity is not only restricted to wearing a hijab.

The people on social media are totally in love with her look from her early days.

One of the most favorite characteristics of Hania Amir that fans like is definitely the cute dimples!

This is all what her fans said about the actress. It’s not every day a newly joined actress finds such an awesome fan-base.

Then again, haters will always persist. Including this person..

Luckily, Hania Amir’s fans are just the knights in shining armor she needs to save her from such comments!

The image is not officially confirmed to be from her college days but one thing is for sure, Hania Amir is a perfect example that you don’t need to be under some sort of ‘cover’ to be beautiful. Mainly because hijab or not, beauty arises from within. It drives out from your personality, your actions and your words. So, stay beautiful guys because this actress definitely is.

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