This Throwback Video Of Aamir Khan Lauding Imran Khan is a Must Watch!


The former captain of Pakistan Cricket team and Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan is one of those personalities who have a huge fan following around the globe. From politicians to celebrities, this guy is admired by many prominent celebrities, be it from any nation.

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A few years ago, the Dangal star Aamir Khan also lauded Imran Khan and wished for his success in the General Elections.

While praising the PTI Chairman, Aamir Khan said:

I pray that you win the upcoming elections and i wish that Pakistan gets a government that can actually solve all the problems of the country. It won’t be only good for Pakistan but for India as well.

He also talked about the hurdles and challenges Imran Khan been facing to achieve his goal! 

Even my heart says that you will definitely win as you are actually working very hard for it. There were many challenges in your way when you started all this But you faced them smoothly.

He also showed him his support and wishes to celebrate his victory if he wins the elections. 

I hope you get support to win. If you do win, I’ll come to celebrate your victory & bring my other Indian friends too.

Watch the full video below!

Well, whosoever wins the Elections, we just wish that it brings India and Pakistan close together and create a friendly bond between the nations.

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