Thora Jee Le Film First Look Revealed


The makers of the film Thora Jee Le revealed its first look starring Rizwan Ali Jaffri as Kaizaad in a mysterious avatar. The movie is produced by Mahtab Akbar Rashdi who is an established television personality, an educationist, and politician. It will be a directorial debut for Rafay Rashdi, Mabtab’s son. Rizwan shared with media:

Rizwan shared with media: “Rashdi has a great vision and the audience will enjoy his style of filmmaking”

The first look speaks for itself as it portrays Jaffri in a side pose probably thinking of his life troubles.

Thora Jee Le_1

While the second look suggests otherwise. Fatima who essays the role of Bahaar looks happy and content with her life.

Thora Jee Le
The 23-year-old star spoke to media about the storyline of his upcoming movie. He revealed, “the film will revolve around seven friends and their journey of finding meaning in life” The model turned actor is all set to play the lead role of humble and rich boy-next-door among the seven friends who is obviously not happy with his life.

Giving an insight into his character in the film Thora Jee Le, Jafri said:

“I play the main lead. My character is very humble and helpful; the whole plot basically revolves around him. He is a very rich guy and has everything that money can buy him, but deep down he is unsatisfied as he has lost the people who he valued the most. The script of the film has heart and soul, and I was actually quite intrigued by the approach when I was offered the part. Our director Rafay has great vision and I’m sure his style of filmmaking will be appreciated.”

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