“Tick Tock”, The Most Awaited Animated Movie of Pakistan Reveals the First Trailer!


Tick Tock is an upcoming animated movie of Pakistan, which is going to be released this March under the banner of Hum Films.

Yesterday, the trailer of Tick Tock was revealed and it has already raised our expectations. From the first glimpse of it, the story seems super interesting and the overall screenplay looks quite promising.

Watch the trailer below!


Tick Tock tells the story of two children Hassan and Daniya who go on an adventurous journey to fix things somewhere in time. Hassan and Danya are accompanied by their teacher and another mysterious person who has his own agenda!

The adventurous squad meets the famous heroes from history during their journey, which is an excellent way of relating our kids to the history. The gang tries not to mess up with the timeline because we all know what happens when someone does that!


The enthralling part of this movie is about “time-traveling”. It’s quite unusual in Pakistan where people either make romcoms or action flicks. This is why, it will really be interesting to see how our creative people are going to use this “time-traveling” thing in sending their message to the audience, especially children.

Yesterday, the trailer launch of Tick Tock took place in PC Hotel, Karachi. It was attended by the creators of Tick Tock – Writer Omair Alavi and Executive Producer Sana Tauseef as well as the cast Ahsan Khan, Maria Memon and Alyy Khan and the director Omar Hassan. Ghulam Mohiuddin failed to make it to the event due to his out of city commitments but had he been there, he would have been as proud of the trailer as were his colleagues.

Ahsan Khan at the trailer launch of Tick Tock!

Speaking on the occasion, the creators of Tick Tock Sana Tauseef and Omair Alavi told the audience how they came up with the idea behind the film and what propelled them to do something for the education of the youth. Filmstar Ahsan Khan spoke his heart out about the offer as well as the meaning behind the offer; renowned anchor Maria Memon disclosed to the audience that voicing an animated character was like a dream come true and she is happy with the way things have turned out.

The team of Tick Tock while talking to  the press.

The script writer Omair Alavi with the actor Ahsan Khan.


Omair Alavi with the team of Very Filmi.

The team of Tick Tock at the trailer launch.

Film and TV actor Alyy Khan told the audience that he didn’t feel like a stranger while working in Pakistan to which Emu (of Fuzon) told him that he was not a stranger in Pakistan and he is as much a Pakistani as any member of the cast. Director Omar Hassan spoke about the animation industry as well as the animated film that looks quite promising, especially because it is made in Pakistan. It’s great that children content is being promoted that too, in an interesting, yet educational way.

Tick Tock will hit the theatres on 23rd March nationwide and we are excitingly waiting for this super interesting animated movie!

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