Top 10 Horror Movies Of All Time!


With Halloween approaching, it isn’t surprising that we are craving some spookiness in the air; and what a better way to spook up the room than with a couple of horror movies?

Here is a list of top ten horror movies to give you the chills:

Orphan, 2009

This movie is about a young couple who after the birth of their still born child, adopt a nine-year-old, Russian girl named Esther, played by Isabelle Fuhrman. This movie delved more into the “evil child” sub genre and did it superbly. Isabelle Fuhrman was incredible. Her portrayal of Esther was not only believable but also very creepy. We got chills watching this film. Without spoiling too much, we are going to say the ending took us by surprise and for anyone looking for an effective chiller, watch “Orphan”.

Psycho, 1960

Psycho is a movie about Norman Bates, a deranged motel manager, and his crazy mother. A young woman on the run from the law after stealing money from her employer decides to stay at the motel. The next day she is found murdered. As the film goes on the viewers are taken into the twisted, psychotic world of Norman Bates, making for a nerve-wracking and tension-filled experience. This film is considered a horror classic.

The Devil’s Backbone, 2001

The Devil's Backbone
This is a film set in the final days of the Spanish Civil War in a remote orphanage in 1939. Carlos, a twelve-year-old boy, arrives at the orphanage and is assigned to bed no 12, which was “Santi’s bed”. Santi was a young boy, who died and his ghost is sometimes seen and heard at the orphanage and is often associated with a water tank in the basement.
The atmosphere of this movie is dark, mysterious and haunting. It ranks as a must watch on any horror list.

Halloween 1978

A six-year-old dresses up as a clown and murders his sister on Halloween. Fifteen years later, he escapes from the psychiatric hospital he is in and returns to his hometown where he begins to stalk and kill young women. This film is a major influence on the slasher genre, but unlike the slasher movies of today, this film delivers on all the right notes; it is suspenseful; it is terrifying; it will make you grip the edges of the seats wondering whether the heroine will make it out alive or not. This is a great slasher movie for any horror movie night.

Silence of the lambs, 1991

Silence of the lambs
Hannibal Lector is a brilliant psychiatrist who also happens to be cannibalistic serial killer locked up in prison. Young FBI trainee, Clarice Starling, seeks his aid in catching another serial killer known as “Buffalo Bill”.
In this brilliant psychological thriller film, deduction and psychology are used as tools for murder and solving crime instead of actual weapons. The movie is involving, disturbing, frightening and has Anthony Hopkins in the role of his lifetime

Rosemary’s baby, 1968

Rosemary’s baby, 1968
A young couple move to an apartment building only to realize the neighbors are very peculiar. When the woman becomes pregnant and strange occurrences begin happening around her, she begins to fear for the safety of her baby; all the while becoming more frazzled and unraveled by all that happening around her. The setting of the movie is gloomy and isolated and the overall effect is a spine-chilling and horrifying movie experience.

The Ring, 2002

The Ring
A mysterious videotape that seems to hold the power of life and death to whoever watches it. Rachel Keller is a journalist and the aunt of one of the teenagers who died after watching the tape. She travels to the cabin where her niece died with her son, who has been drawing pictures of strange, ominous creatures, and watches the tape herself. She gets a phone call and realizes she has a week to solve the mystery to save herself and her son. The Ring with its setting and imagery is one very effectively creepy film and we can attest we had trouble sleeping at night after watching it.

The Shining, 1980

The Shinning
The Shining is a movie adaption of the book by Stephen King that goes by the same name. Jack Torrance is a struggling writer, played by Jack Nicholson, who accepts a job as a caretaker of Overlook Hotel for the winter months to spend time in solitude and isolation. He learns that the previous caretaker killed his wife, daughters and himself but Torrance is not fazed. He moves with his wife and son to Colorado Mountains to look after the hotel.
The family faces haunting spirits and other horrors after they move in, and things get worse from there. It chronicles a family’s psychological breakdown and is an unsettling and bone-chilling addition to any horror movie list.

The Babadook, 2014

The Babadook
This film is about a woman named Amelia played by Essie Davis who has to raise her son Samual by herself when her husband was killed en-route to the hospital when she was about to deliver her son.
The story revolves around the mother and son and a book character called Babadook who torments his victims after they become aware of his existence. This movie plays with primal fears of the human psyche delivering a truly provocative horror film that will chill you and scare you deeply.

Exorcist, 1973

A little girl is possessed by a demon. And it is up to two priests to save her soul and body from the demon possessing her. A premise simple enough…but for two hours you will be bombarded by a movie that will frighten you, nauseate you, shock you and lastly make you hope that the priests will be successful. It is a movie made for a terrifying experience and makes for a very successful horror film.

Contributed by: Sara Tariq