Top 8 Independence Day Songs – That Will Wake The Patriot Inside You


Independence day is around the corner and Pakistanis will be celebrating 69th Independence day across the globe on 14th of August with enthusiasm and traditional zeal. This date marks the birth of a great nation. All thanks to the founder of the country, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

As soon as the clock hits 12 on the night of 13th, Pakistanis welcome independence day with fireworks and patriotic music. The day usually starts off with 31-gun salutes in the capital following 21-gun salutes in Lahore, Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar, and Gilgit-Baltistan. Prayers are offered for peace, harmony, and prosperity of the country. Young boys blast patriotic music in their cars on the streets while many watch the parade on the TV.

The patriotism is very much alive in the hearts of Pakistanis no matter how poor the law and order situations become in the metropolis. People still make efforts to contribute as much as they can to their motherland to make it a better place to live. Our musicians are no less! Many Pakistani bands and artists have played a major role in spreading positivity through their music. They’ve produced some of the most outstanding patriotic songs to celebrate the freedom of the country.

This independence day, we bring you exclusively a list of 8 songs that will wake the patriot in you:

Zoe Viccaji – Hojao Azaad (2016)

The golden girl of Pakistan, Zoe Viccaji recently released her newest single, Hojao Azaad. The music video of the song illustrates a beautiful image of northern areas of Pakistan. Light up your independence day by playing Zoe’s Hojao Azad on full volume.

Josh-e-Junoon – Ali Azmat (2010)

Josh-e-Junoon was exclusively produced by LU Bakeri Cookies to support Team Pakistan in Cricket World Cup 2011. The music video of the song shows citizens of Pakistan celebrating cricket (even when it isn’t our national sport) . The song was composed by Shuja Haider and Naqash Haider of the ‘Speed of Sound’ and directed by Mazhar Raza.

O Meray Yaar, To Mera Pyar, Sada Rahay To Salamat – Jawad Ahmed (2009)

One of our favorite independence day songs include Jawad Ahmed’s O Meray Yaar, To Mera Pyar, Sada Rahay To Salamat. The music video of the song illustrates a beautiful relationship between friends and also depicts how dedicated Pakistan’s Army is, proving to be a perfect independence day song.

Hum Sai Hai Yeh Zamaana – Call (2007)

Hum Sai Hai Yeh Zamaana is also one of those songs that were produced in association with cricket by the band call. The song was madly played in 2009’s World Cup. The year marks victory of Team Pakistan in the World Cup. Listen to Hum Sai Hai Yeh Zamaana this independence day and rejoice World Cup memories.

Hai Koye Hum Jaisa – Strings (2003)

Hai Koi Hum Jaisa is a peppy yet fun song produced by Strings in the year 2003. The music video depicts the excitement of the youth over World Cup. A track that will definitely wake the patriot in you.

Hai Jazba Junoon – Junoon (1991)

Hai Jazba Junoon is produced by a Sufi rock band, Junoon. The song was a part of Junoon’s third album that became the signature song of the Cricket World Cup. The song was very popular among the youth and gained recognition for the band. Perfect to listen to, this independence day.

Dil Dil Pakistan – Vital Signs (1987)

Dil Dil Pakistan was a major hit back in the day which was also hailed as an unofficial national anthem of the country. Produced by the Vital signs, the song was one of the most successful tunes from bands’ debut album.

Is Percham Ke Saye Taley – Nayyara Noor (1975)

Is percham ke saye taley became a really popular independence song over the years. This song is a classical choice to listen to on independence day. The song in sung by Pakistani playback singer, Nayyara Noor back in the year 1975.

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