Trailer Review: Gluco Allahyar And The Legend of Markhor


The fans of animated flicks in Pakistan are in for a treat as the trailer of Gluco Allahyar And The Legend of Markhor was released online by ARY Films.


Featuring the voices of Ali Noor and Azfar Jafri besides Anum Zaidi and Natasha Humera Ejaz, the film is all set for a release on 2nd February 2018. From the trailer, you get to know that the film will be about animals in the northern areas of Pakistan and their saviour, Allahyar. How he fares against the shikari is something you will only get to know after the film’s release.

The animation level has certainly been raised with the film and director Uzair Zaheer Khan must be credited for this leap of faith. The colourful presentation takes you back in the time when Lion King was the coolest  animated feature film and everyone was in love with Simba.


Let’s hope Allahyar has the same effect on the Pakistani audience who are anxious to find out more about the Legend of Markhor!