A Tribute to Pakistani Actor Mohammad Ali ‘The Emperor of Emotions’


The legendary Pakistani actor Mohammad Ali passed away on the 19th of March, 11 years ago. The Shahenshah-e-Jazbaat ( Emperor of Emotions) devoted 33 years of his life working for Pakistani cinema. It was a great tragedy for Pakistan the day Mohammad Ali lost his life due to a heart attack on March 19, 2006.

His talent and versatility is what lead to his years onscreen be called as the ‘golden era’.

Ali has starred in  277 films, donning a variety of avatars. Audiences laughed and cried with every transition of the actor’s emotion. Ali is also one of the few actors of that time who balanced out roles of a villain and a hero with equal conviction.

 This is the reason that:

In 2010, CNN listed Mohammad Ali as one of Asia’s 25 greatest actors of all time.

Mohammad Ali is immortalized as “The Emperor of Emotions” and Pakistan’s greatest actor, starring in over 300 movies with prominent actors such as Shamim Ara. He played heroes and villains with equal ease, delivering passionate yet naturalistic performances.

Best Role: Ali was confined to villain roles until “Shararat” (1964), in which he played a hero. The movie was a hit and opened him up to playing diverse characters.

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Like any superstar, Mohammad Ali’s love life made it to the tabloids. The fact that he tied the knot with the glamorous Zeba added the increasing interest. The two became the power couple of Pakistan. Ruling the silver screen with their mesmerizing chemistry.

Here is a glimpse of the magic:


It was truly a dark day for Pakistan when this bright star lost his light. Yet, more than a decade later he still lives in the hearts of all his fans.

As Percy Shelley says,

“And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone, Love itself shall slumber on.”

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