TV Actress Mahjabeen Habib’s Low-Key Valima Ceremony Impresses Fans


We all spend our life savings to arrange a grand wedding to make it memorable. It has become a tradition now that people plan multi-day ceremonies due to which a huge amount of money goes wasted.

The Valima ceremony of TV actress Mahjabeen Habib took place last week which impressed her fans and followers the most.

The actress was seen wearing a simple half white shalwar kameez with the minimalist makeup.

The ceremony was attended by her close friends and family members only, setting a good example for our society.

Here are the pictures of her Valima Ceremony

The couple with their family members

The bride looks so happy though

The simple and glowy Mahjabeen Habib 

Look at what people have to say about her simplicity 

The actress is getting a lot of blessings because of the example she has set 

Yes, modesty is the best policy! 

We need to understand that the important thing between the couple should be love and understanding.

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