TV One Seeta Bagri: Same Old Indian Soap Or Not? [Review]


The first couple of episodes of the highly-anticipated TV drama, Seeta Bagri, were good to watch. The romance between Seeta and Ratan was subtle and innocent. As the time goes on, the show started to regress. Seeta Baagri has now become worse than a casual time-pass.

The recent episode of the drama showed Akash using all tactics to get Seeta’s attention. Apparently, Akash is not a decent guy but he is liked by Seeta’s father (Daddy, what are you doing?) Every time Akash comes on screen, a very annoying music theme is played. It is similar to what Indian soaps have been doing for ages – and not getting praise for it.

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Moving on, the uchalti koodti sister of Ratan, Mala, is busy running a dance academy. All of the episodes have shown Mala hopping around the home. No character development at all. She is annoying and downright stupid.

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Nandini, as she likes to call it – is a karoobari aurat. She loves Ratan –shocked, aren’t you? -and would do anything to buy him -oops, I meant to love him more – yeah, whatever. She has been helping Ratan to pay off his debts and/or extending all sorts of ‘financial help’ to her. She wants a child but fate is keeping her waiting. She has consulted a Hakeem but nothing has turned out to be in her favour.

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This time, Akash has brought some medicines for her which can help her to conceive. By the looks of it, this is how Akash will pave his way to get Seeta’s hand in marriage.

Seeta -our protagonist – is preparing for her BA exams. She sacrificed her love so that Nandini can marry Ratan.

Even a subtle look at the drama can tell how bad it has been in its execution. Sarwat Gillani’s dialogue delivery is very bad. The actress is not at fault, this is what she has been told to do, the fault lies in the director’s work. Why did he allow unnecessary pauses during Seeta’s speech? She goes like: “Aap…ko kaisa bataun Baapu……choukhat ko…chor nahi sakti.”

“Arey Nandini jee…naraaz…kyun ho rahi ho.”

Blekh blekh blekh

Why can’t she speak like a normal girl? Why do they have to speak in rhymes, its annoying?

Seeta and Mala are friends and they have a brilliant way to kill their time – playing chum chum. Not that I have an issue with this ‘harmless indoor game’, both the girls are well in their 20s – they can’t be younger than that -and this is an immature way to go around – no, not even cute.

The show is sheer wastage of time. It should be avoided at all cost. *rolls eyes*

Contributed by Aimen Siddiqui