Twitter Responds to Bollywood Movie Simran: Is This Kangana Ranaut’s Best Movie Till Date?


As we all know Kangana Ranaut’s Bollywood flick Simran has finally hit the cinemas and has created an uproar among the audience. While some have been applauding this star’s performance in the film, others have been left abashed by the film’s bold plot and depiction of Kanagana’s character.

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The ongoing scandals with regard to this Bollywood diva’s personal life have been in the spotlight for quite some time prior to the release of Simran. Most associated Kanagana’s sudden decision to go all out with her scandals of her past relationships, as a publicity stunt for the film. Needless to say the public had an overall mixed reaction to the headlines that the star has been making and there was a good chance of a negative effect on Simran.

Luckily according to the public reactions on Twitter, Kangana has once again outdone herself. Making her probably the most unbeatable star in Bollywood so far and Simran her best movie till date.

Here is what Twitterati had to say:

However Twitter was also flooded with those who bashed Simran. So far there seems to be a considerable number of haters for the film and we wonder if their dislike is genuine or a result of Kangana’s controversial promotion strategy.

These mixed reviews have really got us wondering which of these is an authentic opinion on the movie. Since viewers are either bashing the film or loving it with all their hearts. Looks like we have to wait a little longer before the final verdict.

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