Twitter Went Crazy After Ajay Devgn Pranked Followers with Kajol’s Fake Number!


On Tuesday, Twitter went all crazy after Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn pranked his followers by posting a fake contact number of Kajol.

With thousands of retweets on the original post and an angry response from his wifey, Ajay Devgn successfully managed to pull off this hilarious stunt and became the “talk of the day”!

It all started with an “accidental” Tweet by Ajay in which he shared Kajol’s contact!

Since this tweet sounded like more of a personal message than a prank, many of the followers believed that it was really the number of the ever gorgeous Bollywood diva!

And within hours, this Tweet went viral with Ajay and Kajol trending on top!

After pulling off a successful prank on thousands of people, Ajay Devgn disappeared for a while and fans, on the other hand, were over the moon to have Kajol’s number finally added on their WhatsApp!

Many texted on the number with “concerns”!

And many were like,


While some tried calling!


This diehard fan even checked the number on True Caller!

And it turned out to be,

And some wanted to add Kajol on their family WhatsApp group, oh boy!

The “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” fandom availed the opportunity!

As obvious as it seems, Ajay Devgn enjoyed all the memes posted in response to his “mistake”!

But in the end, Ajay Devgn had the last laugh!

And all we can do is,


This is not the first time that Ajay Devgn pranks have made it to the news. A Twitterati recalled how he’s famous for teasing his colleagues during the shoots.


Known for his witty nature, it seems like Ajay Devgn decided to go for Twitter to have some fun and definitely, made our day!

Kajol also posted an angry response to this whole thread and asked her husband to keep his pranks out of the home!

But if it was a fake number, why would she do that? It looks like it was also a publicity stunt for Kajol’s upcoming movie Helicopter Eela that is going to be released next month.

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