Uday Chopra Looks Shockingly Different In New Pictures


Bollywood is a strange land. While it’s riddled with cases of rags to riches, there are also cases where top celeb kids couldn’t make it past one or two movies. Case in point: Tanisha Mukherjee, Tushar Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan and of course, Uday Chopra.

You may remember him from Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan’s Mohabbatein or better yet from his only successful venture. Dhoom series.

Uday Chopra was recently spotted looking shockingly different from his earlier self. Gone was the charming and beefy young man, instead he looked bulky and older than most heroes of his age.

Could you guess who is he? Well, that is #UdayChopra

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Once a fan favourite, the 44-year-old was spotted outside Emraan Hashmi’s bungalow. His white beard and chubby body came as a surprise to his fans because they still had the old image of Uday in their minds.

When you soak chickpeas overnight #hahahaha #lolz #udaychopra #bollywood #fat #funny

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Uday, who was once popular for his chiselled seems to be off his fitness regime for quite some time now.

From #fit to #flab yesteryesrs #dhoom actor's #udaychopra in #doom #avatar

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Chopra worked as an assistant director on a number of his father’s and brother’s. He starred in 2004 in the action thriller Dhoom and in its sequel Dhoom 2, released in 2006.He also starred in Dhoom 3, the second sequel to Dhoom next to Aamir Khan in 2013. He is currently in Los Angeles learning film making at UCLA.