Umm-e-Haniya Episode 10 Review: Things Are Not Looking Good For Rumi And Kamil


Umm-e-Haniya is a promising new series which addresses the problems of how a woman is looked at in our society. This is exactly what happens to our protagonist who is a  passionate sportswoman and is shown to have undergone training for 8 months abroad. Later, just before she returned home, Romi finds a baby dumped in the trash and decides to take her in until she finds the real parents. However, when her in-laws and Kamil (her fiancee) find out, they are not happy and give her a week’s time to look for the real parents or the marriage will be called off. Even her mother is quite disapproving!

The only unusual thing is that Romi’s father is very supportive of her choices and while everyone is against her, he tries to help Romi with the baby. The story is at a good pace so far and the characters are very relatable to the people in our society which makes it interesting to watch. Let’s see how the latest episode turned out:

So far, Romi is pretty distressed about her marriage and with Kamil making her choose between him and the baby, it’s practically torture.

During all this mess, Romi finds out that her friend Rohan has gotten in an accident and the poor guy lost his wife and daughter.

Meanwhile, Romi’s bhabi, Sundus, is concerned about a baby getting more attention than her and is set on ruining the lives of both Romi and the baby.

Romi’s mother is concerned that Sundus will create an issue between the two families and reassures her that she will get rid of the baby herself.

Meanwhile, Rohan is set on getting revenge from the culprit who was the reason behind the accident (It’s Kamil!).

With less time at hand, Romi tries to use the power of social media to find the baby’s real parents and the video goes viral overnight.

Surprisingly it works and the two families are happy to finally take things forward with the marriage. However, the couple claiming to be the baby’s parents turn out to be fraud and Romi takes the baby back.

This might prove to be a bad decision for the two families. Will Kamil finally break ties with Romi? Tune in to find out!

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