Upcoming EDM Duo Talk About Their New Tracks


In recent years we have only seen the music industry booming and new talent pouring in producing phenomenal tracks. BAWSE is one such example, founded by Humayon Subzwari and Ibrahim Talpur, the young producers engaged in a discourse with VeryFilmi. Revealing some interesting details about themselves.

Q. Tell us a little about BAWSE?
A. BAWSE is a duo based in Karachi, Pakistan focusing primarily on Electronic Dance Music, House and Ambient music. Formed by Humayon Subzwari & Ibrahim Talpur merely 4 months ago, we have successfully released 3 original tracks, ‘Rooh’, ‘Gemini’ and ‘Pharaoh’. We are currently working on our fourth track which features American artist and songwriter Ryan McCarthy and is set to be released by the start of November. The main idea behind most of our tunes is to incorporate a desi style in them and make EDM more popular and acceptable around the subcontinent.

Q. What are your thoughts on how the music industry in Pakistan and how it has evolved over the years?
A. The music culture in Pakistan has come a long way but still lacks adequate resources and facilities to promote aspiring artists such as ourselves. We feel there aren’t enough music labels and production houses in the country to encourage individuals that are seeking a future in this industry. One may find it easier to become a singer in Pakistan as compared to a music producer.

Q. When did you guys develop an interest in music and how did you then work your way to form BAWSE?
A. We’ve always had a keen interest in music and are proud to say that we haven’t paid a single rupee learning how to create it! Everything we have made is solely the result of hundreds of hours being spent watching YouTube tutorials and on FL Studio (the computer software we use). Things would have been much easier for us if there were music schools in Pakistan that taught the genre that we are focused on, but we believe in utilising whatever resources we have.

Q. What kind of tracks has BAWSE produced so far?
A. Our first song Rooh was rated #3 in the House Genre on Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool. And although it isn’t part of the House genre, this achievement motivated us to such an extent that within the next few months we tirelessly worked on multiple projects and saw tremendous improvement in our work.

Q. Has Bawse ever performed internationally yet? 
A. Back in the summer of 2017, we were supposed to attend Untold Music Festival being held in Cluj, Romania. We applied for a 2 month social internship and had passed all the interviews and requirements however after travelling to Islamabad for our visa, we were eventually told that our application had been rejected. This hit us really hard and the rest of our summer felt like it was never ending since we were so disappointed! But that is when we decided to take all our disappointment and anger and convert it into positive energy. We vowed that we would never quit producing music and try our very best to take our talent to the next level! Our first goal is to represent Pakistan and perform at Untold Festival latest by 2019!

Q. What is your band currently aiming to achieve? 
A. We have come a long way, spending countless hours on our passion and we hope that our dreams come true very soon! If our first goal is achieved, the fact that 2 years ago we could not make it to the festival as part of the audience and 2 years later we are able to play at that very same Festival would be an experience we would love to have. It would also be an inspiring story to tell everyone especially those who are wanting the join the same industry.  Our future plans include collaborating with acclaimed international artists once we reach that level and launching a music label here in Pakistan to encourage the youth and future generations to take part in such activities!

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