Urdu1 Drama Andaz-e-Sitam Episode 5 Unveils The Plot (Review)


Urdu1’s Drama Andaz-e-Sitam is on its 5th episode and the plot is starting to unveil.

The story is about Aayat (Kubra Khan), who has come to Pakistan to spend her break from university abroad. She is a very upbeat and joyful but her world turns upside down when she confronts a poilt brat named Wamiq (Agha Ali). Aayat’s younger brother Samar (Ali Ansari) gets beaten up by Wamiq so they both go up to the principal to complain about the incident. Samar and Aayat are greatly disappointed when the principal declines to help as Wamiq’s mother, Begum Nawazish (Isra Ghazal), is a trustee of the university.

Outside the campus Ayat and Samar run into Wamiq and Ayat slaps him infront of the entire university. Wamiq now seek revenge and ends up kidnapping her. He forces her into the Nikkah and rapes her. The next morning he burns the Nikkah papers leaving Aayat in a very difficult situation.

The verdict:

While the issue raised in the drama is quite commendable but it all feels like it’s been done before. There have been good performances but overall the drama seems to go in the same direction as others.

While there are some good actors like Kubra Khan, Manzoor Qureshi and Ali Ansari, actors like Agha Ali and Isra Ghazal are both given quite similar roles like they’ve done before.

Is the drama going in the same direction that Aayat’s love will change Wamiq in the end? Or is she going to end up marrying Salman, who is her bhabhi’s brother and very much in love with her.

The drama airs every Thursday 8pm on Urdu1.

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