Ushna Shah Leaves Haters Speechless With Her Reply


Known to be the most outspoken celebrity in our entertainment industry, Ushna Shah is not one of those to be beaten down by internet trolls. In her latest post on Instagram the Pakistani diva shut her haters in a way that perhaps we have never witnessed before.

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The Alif Allah Aur Insaan star recently faced a massive backlash for wearing a dress that did not confirm to the usual standards of fashion in our industry, at the Punjab Nahi Jaungi premier in Lahore. The actress uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a Zuria Dor dress that went up to a little above her knees. The post immediately took the internet by storm as numerous internet trolls attacked and bullied the the star for her choice of clothes.

However Ushna Shah did not take the backlash lightly and uploaded a bold post that has definitely left all her haters speechless.

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