Ushna Shah’s Racy Dance is Receiving Major Backlash


The Lashkara star Ushna Shah and Suno Chanda sensation Iqra Aziz are the new and hottest BFFs in Pakistani entertainment industry and they are already giving us some major friendship goals.

Whenever they bump into each other, they capture the moment and leave their fans and followers envious of their ‘dosti’.

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Both of them are currently holidaying in Bangkok and their pictures are going viral on social media. The two have been hanging out together and sharing some amazing pictures on their social media handles.

Ushna Shah shared a video of her BFF Iqra Aziz while eating noodles and watching a cartoon with the caption, “The next Paris Hilton”.

Watch the video below! 

How cute is she looking though!

On the other hand, the Suno Chanda star took to her Instagram account and shared the sultry dance steps of Ushna Shah on a super hit song ‘Billo Hai’.

Have a look at the video!

We must say, this girl has killed us with each dance step!

But as expected, the moment she shared Ushna’s dance steps on her Instagram stories, it created quite an uproar on social media and the keyboard warriors started to trade barbs on her.

Look at what people have to say! 

No matter what people have to say, we know that this diva is going to enjoy her holidays with BFF to the fullest.

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