Usman Mukhtar’s Transformation As Jack Sparrow Takes The Internet By Storm

usman mukhtar

The final countdown to Halloween has finally arrived, but before that comes the Hallo-weekend! Whether you’re attending a party or laying low with a scary movie marathon (plus snacks of course), Spooky season is about to reach its climax – and plenty of celebs are getting on the festivities, too.

One Pakistani celeb that caught our attention was the very handsome Usman Mukhtar. Doesn’t he have this uncanny resemblance to Johnny Depp and Che Guevera? Well, at least we think so. The Janaan actor always goes an extra mile to prove how talented he is and there’s no doubt about that.

He has already set the internet and young hearts on fire with his looks and his short videos that are highly applauded by the audience. The Parchi actor recently blessed our Instagram feeds with this picture where he’s dressed as The Jack Sparrow (heart skipping a beat brb).

Mukhtar captioned it “Kaptaan Jutt Sparrow ne farmaya, “Kisay di maan paan nu sarkan te tang karan to pailan, aini jai, bass aini jai sharam kar lya karo zaleelo”

Usman’s post caused a bit of a stir amongst the people and the reactions from some of them are worth seeing. Have a look at these highly entertaining comments that just might tickle your funny bone!

Some people were quick to call him Johnny Depp and we agree with them entirely.


The others simply praised him well enough!


So, what do you guys think of this look? Doesn’t Mukhtar look drop-dead gorgeous here with his chiseled jawline and sexy eyes? He’s probably the cutest Jack Sparrow ever!

Contributed by Kinza Peracha