Uzma Khan Lands In A Controversy That Has Twitter Flooded With Opinions

uzma khan controversy
Source/ Tribune

Actress Uzma Khan has become the latest victim of social media and has many fingers pointed at her. The actress is allegedly having an affair with the son-in-law of the business tycoon, Malik Riaz.

Khan garnered fame from her work in Jawani Phir Nahi Aani and Waar. The video which went viral exhibits how Malik Riaz’s daughter interrogates Khan for having an affair with her husband.

The Khan sisters have become a part of this controversy, and our question is that if the two are involved in it, then why isn’t the identity of Usman Khan revealed? Isn’t he to be blamed equally?

Ever since the video went viral on social media, Hashtag #UzmaKhan is trending on Twitter.

However, people on social media have collectively condemned this incident:

Barrister and human rights activist Hassaan Niazi took to social media sharing the details of the leaked video in a series of tweets.

“This filthy tabloid has decided to hide the name of Malik Riaz’s daughter, who went into the house of Uzma Khan and Huma Khan. Their clothes are wet Bcz Mitti ka Oil has been thrown all over them. Usman is the son is the law of the lady making the video. Why only blame Uzma. Where is a picture of Usman” he wrote in a tweet.

“It’s 7ATA FIR with intent to cause fire and attempt to murder against Malik Riaz family for storming in the house of #UzmaKhan and #HumaKhan with the family of Malik Riaz and his guards @OfficialDPRPP

@DIGOpsLahore kindly show the people of Punjab LAW IS ABOVE MALIK RIAZ”, he further added.
In his last tweet, he said, “So I spoke to the sisters just now. I will share more information. Extremely disturbing facts shared. I’m afraid what happened with these girls reflects our society.”

Other people were quick to respond to the situation and gave their two cents on the current situation.

One user wrote, “Reportedly what Malik Riaz’s family did with Uzma Khan isn’t justifiable. They put kerosene oil ( mitti ka tail ) on them, injured them and recorded the video & afterward leaked it on Social media. Law enforcement agencies should take immediate action against this family.”

Another user wrote also shared how morally unethical this entire act s and stated:

“I get very uncomfortable at someone’s publicly humiliation. Even if a person has done something very bad. As a society we should deploy better means to address social issues. Instead of spreading and enjoying the videos that show someone’s dirty bedsheets.”
Would you like to add your two cents on the current situation?

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