Veena Malik & Asad Khan Divorce: To Be or Not To Be?


Pakistani actress Veena Malik just can’t stay out of the limelight. Last week, the actress made headlines by obtaining ‘khula’ (dissolution of marriage). Just last night, Veena and her husband Asad Khan have apparently settled matters after the latter apologized for his behavior to his wife on live television.

“I haven’t spent a single day with peace after this marriage,” complained Veena Malik.

In an interview with Waseem Badami and religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jamil, Asad apologized to Veena upon which the actress accepted.

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Watch the video below:

One wonders if this was all just a ploy to gain publicity, or was it a real problem that divided the husband and wife. Sources reveal that Veena filed for khula after a disagreement with Khattak and his family over her return to showbiz.

However, it seems that the couple is all set to continue with their married bliss. We wish the best of luck to Veena & Asad in the future!

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The Gali Gali Chor hai star, Veena Malik has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband after three years of marriage. The grounds over which Veena filed for divorce have not been revealed, as of yet.


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However, her decision to part ways from Asad Khattak was made earlier this year, while he was on a trip to the United States. The divorce was filed in Dubai on January 30th, 2017.

Here’s a look at the Khula statement:


According to a source close to Asad,

“There were issues between Veena and Asad but no one knew about it. Asad is still in shock after she filed for divorce. Asad will try his best to continue the marriage because he does not think it is a practical decision, especially now that there are kids involved.”

Here’s what people had to say about her decision.

Although it does seem that Asad wants this marriage to last longer:

Is this all just a publicity stunt by Veena or have things really heated up between the two?

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