Veena Malik May Get Divorced For New Pakistani Movie Deal?


Veena Malik has not taken her decision for divorce from her husband back as yet. Apparently, Veena’s decision to pledge for divorce from her husband still holds.

The court in Lahore accepted Veena’s plea for divorce. However, since Veena filed for the divorce she must return 25 percent of the dower money.

The 33-year-old actress filed for divorce in the first week of January.

The court summoned Mr. Khattak but he neither appeared nor filed a reply in court. The couple got married in December 2013 and have two children.

Veena Malik & Asad Khan Divorce: To Be or Not To Be?

Veena in an interview told express news that even though reconciliations with her husband are in order. She still hasn’t taken back her plea for divorce from Lahore Court.

“I haven’t withdrawn the Khula case. Currently, Mufti Naeem is also talking to us in this regard. “I will accept the decision which Mufti Naeem takes.”

The ex-Big Boss contestant is currently focusing on her singing career which she started off with a tribute to the Pakistan Army.

The song was composed by the retired Lieutenant Kernel Kazim Hussain Shah. He said,

“I usually don’t write songs but after seeing Veena’s enthusiasm for the country I felt like I should write the song.”

On the occasion of her music’s launch ceremony, she further revealed that she’ll be willing to work in a film if it meets up with her standards.

Veena Malik Makes A Comeback To Showbiz!

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