Yasir Hussain Takes A Dig At Veena Malik For Criticizing Aurat March

veena malik

Soon after ‘Aurat March’ was held on International Women’s Day last week, it initiated a debate on social media and received much criticism.

While there were a number of Pakistani celebrities who supported the Aurat March, many stars talked against it and said that it did not represent Pakistani culture.

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Similarly, the actress turned host Veena Malik took to her Twitter account to express her annoyance and said that it only brought humiliation to Women.

She wrote:

Who planned and funded this controversial #auratmarch2019

Because this brought Humiliation to women of Pakistan instead of Anything positive like empowering them etc.

Soon after she tweeted, the internet users were quick to remind Veena that these women who she called humiliating were the ones who stood in support for her when mullahs imposed fatwas on her.

Moreover, the ‘Lahore Se Aagey’ actor Yasir Hussain also took a funny jibe at Veena Malik through his Instagram stories.

He posted: 

veena malik

Look what people have to say! 

Moreover, another Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid also criticized some of the placards raised during the Aurat March and said that the slogans do not represent Pakistani culture.

He wrote:

These slogans do not represent our culture ,our values and the respect we have for our women that was my point .. and you missed it completely..

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