Video Of Meera Jee Expressing ‘Meera Ki Jawaani’ Goes Viral


“My name is Meera… Meera ki jawaani. I am too sexy for you…” and you know how it goes! Our very own controversy queen, Meera jee never fails to entertain us; come what may, the actress somehow manages to always stay in the limelight.

Recently, she was spotted at the star-studded Depilex reveal launch in Lahore and the way she entered is nothing less than remarkable.

In case, if you haven’t had enough of Meera Jee in the video above, here’s a longer one for you to watch and enjoy.

So much SWAG! From the turns to the twists to the pout to the poses, everything deserves a standing ovation.

Meera jee makes sure she leaves her fans and haters impressed. Her confidence is something we all should look up to!

Just a few days back she was in news for singing Titanic’s big hit “My heart will go on.” The video went viral all over the internet. Some people enjoyed, some laughed and made fun of her, but nothing shook her confidence. When asked, she sang the song again and that too outside the court when she just got done with the hearing of her marriage case with Captain Naveed that she’s been dealing with for several years.

Haters gonna hate but Meera Jee is a star!

Meera Jee, just stay the way you are. We love you!