Visaal Episode 1 Review: A Promising Start to an Interesting Story!


Starring Zahid Ahmed and Hania Amir, the first episode of Visaal aired last night and it was promising enough for us to look forward to this interesting story that is filled with some outclass acting, witty jokes, evilness and over flowing love!

Visaal is directed by Ali Hasan in which Hania Amir is playing Zahid Ahmed’s love interest and the rest of the cast includes Saboor Ali, Ismat Zaidi, Tauqeer Nasir, Firdous Jamal and Aghar Mustafa among others.

Pari (Hania Amir) is a young, beuaitful girl who lives with her father (Tauqeer Nasir) after her mother died when she was 2.

Shabbir (Tauqeer Nasir) works at the railway union and is super protective about her daughter as he loves her the most!

On the other hand, Akku (Zahid Ahmed), the guy with a shady past decides to move to a different place after bailing out from 3 months imprisonment.

He arrives at the railway station where he meets this guy, Doodh Patti, who tells him about a nearby society where he can find a decent place to live in.

In order to gain reputation, Akku disguises as a noble man and successfully impresses the Imam (Firdous Jamal) of the railway society who even takes him to his house for a cup of tea.

Naheed, played by Saboor Ali, is Imam’s daughter and also, Pari’s best friend and when Imam and Akku reach home, Pari opens the gate.

Akku misunderstands Pari as Imam’s daughter and due to his flirty nature, he can’t help but falls in love with her right away.

Zahid Ahmed was exceptional, doing justice with Akku’s character and seeing him in such a different appearance was fun and it also proved that he’s capable of playing any kind of roles.

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Hania Amir seems perfect for Pari’s role as she has brilliantly portrayed the innocence of her character!

The overall episode was good enough and let’s see how this story will step ahead in the coming episodes!

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