Visaal Episode 11 Review: An Exciting Blend of So Many Emotions!


Last week, Akram finally got to meet the love of his life when Pari came running towards him, asking for help after Shabbir got attacked by some of his fellow workers.

Akku is now literally over the moon and he’s finding ways to interact with Pari as much as he can. He’s also quite actively investigating about the scandal that cost Shabbir and Pari their reputation and for some reason, Akku thinks Pari is innocent!

Eager to get into the roots of the matter, Akram, in his manipulative way, talks to Naheed about Pari, Taimoor and whatever happened to them. He finds out that Naheed has a huge respect for Taimoor and she’s also quite sure that Pari has nothing to do with the scandal at all. Even though Akku believes her, he thinks there is still something that is kept hidden!

Since Molvi Sahab blindly trusts Akram, he leaves him with Pari at the hospital for some time. Akku avails the opportunity to talk to the lady of his dreams and his happiness overflows when Pari thanks him for being there for her and her father!

Zahid Ahmed has been brilliant throughout and the way he keeps us entertaining by switching roles from the very polite Akram to the bad boy Akku, speaks for his versatility!

On the other hand, the innocence Hania Aamir brings to Pari’s character is worth praising and she’s not failing to give back to back amazing performances in every new episode!

Akram meets a familiar face at the hospital and finally, we got to see someone, who claims to know the real Akku. He calmly handles the situation when this relative of Bua, who used to be Akram’s neighbor back in Hyderabad, was about to reveal everything about his lifestyle. Now, Akram has another problem to solve in order to keep his identity safe!

Naheed feels restless as the guilt of ruining her best friend’s life is increasing day by day. She knows that she has done a terrible thing but still, doesn’t have the guts to admit it. Saboor Aly has emerged out as a true performer and her expressions are quite strong in every scene.

Let’s see if Naheed will eventually reveal everything about that day in the coming episodes!

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