Visaal Episode 2 Review: Things are Escalating Quickly for Akku!


After a super interesting beginning, the 2nd episode of Visaal was also filled with some great performances and it looks like things are escalating pretty quickly for Akku!

Akram’s first impression on Molvi Sahab is doing wonders for him and not only has he gained a reputable status but also, he’s been offered to rent a shop and take stuff without any advance payment.   

In another track, Shabbir gets injured when the police are called in to shut the protest down. The Railway authority is not happy with the ongoing situation and Taimoor is told to resolve the issue with the head of the union.

Well, Taimoor kind of succeeds in talking things out with Shabbir but also gets to meet Pari, who is pretty furious at him for what happened to her father. Yet again, an amazing performance by Hania Amir!

A new character got introduced, Tariq aka Munna, a BA degree holder disguised as a dumb (mute) beggar, who comes at Akku’s shop. Since Akku is a pro of disguises, he instantly detects his lie and confronts Munna right away!

Filled with light humor and sarcasm, this scene was a brilliant way to highlight the problem of unemployment in our country. Even qualified people thrive hard to get a job these days and most end up taking the low road to earn their bread!

Akku has a soft spot for people like him and he offers Munna a job. Now, Akku, Doodh Patti and Munna have teamed up to run their little cosmetic shop and of course, their side business as well!

Zahid Ahmed is brilliant as Akku and his character is filled with so many ingredients that even his ardent fans will be surprised. He raises the bar with his witty jokes, evil expressions, and the perfect sarcastic smile!

The episode ends when Akku, with the hope to see Pari, visits Molvi Sahab only to find out she is at Shabbir’s house. He hopelessly takes a glance at the wall and the evilness brightens up his face!

Will Akku visit Shabbir and find out that Pari is not actually Molvi Sahab’s daughter?

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