Visaal Episode 3 Review: A Misunderstanding Awaits A Major Twist In the Story!


So, we are into the 3rd episode of Visaal that has already undergone so many twists and turns in 3 weeks, making the story even more captivating!

Last time we saw how Akram has acquired a reputation among the elders of the railway society and he’s enjoying all the benefits that come with it!

He goes to see Shabbir and lucky for him that Pari is the one who opens the door and his wish gets fulfilled. Still, Akku thinks that Pari is Molvi Sahab’s daughter and this misunderstanding is leading up to a major twist in the story!

On the other hand, the protest has now ended as Taimoor has kept his word and accepted all the demands of the union. Shabbir thanks him for his good gesture and invites him again to his house for tea!

Taimoor is taking interest in Pari and although their first encounter was not a pleasant one, he still smiles while thinking about her.

Also, this episode reveals Taimoor’s background and apparently, he’s from Islamabad who preferred a civil job over his family business. Agha Mustafa is playing this role and he looks well suited for it!

Pari feels embarrassed for her behavior when she finds out that Taimoor is the one who has resolved the issue and it would be interesting to see when both will meet again!

Interestingly, Molvi Sahab and his friends can’t stop praising the qualities Akram possesses *coughs* and are even considering him as a perfect match for Naheed!

For Akram, everything is going pretty smoothly till now and when Safdar Mian talks to him about the proposal, he immediately says yes. Akram finds out that Molvi Sahab’s only daughter’s name is Naheed and his misunderstanding further increases!

Every week Zahid Ahmed is giving us more and more reasons to fall in love with Akku’s character that has to be one of the most captivating characters of recent times.

Now the only hurdle is the absence of Akram’s elders in this matter and in order to get married to Naheed, Akku needs to find a solution ASAP!

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