Visaal Episode 4 Review: A New Turn in Already Twisted Story!


So, we are into the 4th episode Visaal and we have already fallen for this super intriguing story that is filled with so many vivid characters and a story that just keeps getting better with every new episode!

In the last episode, Akram found himself in a twisted situation when Molvi Sahab demanded to meet his elders prior to finalizing his wedding with Naheed and he thinks of ways to solve this problem!

The latest episode focused on the developing relationship between Pari and Taimoor, who both get to meet again and not only they share an interesting conversation but also, Taimoor guides her about CSS and promises to send her some books that would help her in the future!

Taimoor is now seriously interested in Pari and even talks to his father but asks for some time to understand the situation in order to make any further move.

Pari also finds herself thinking about Taimoor and Shabbir is already impressed by his down to earth personality that brought him back to their house!

Irrespective of the effortless chemistry Zahid and Hania share on screen, Agha Mustafa and Hania Amir also make one amazing duo and their interaction was absolutely on point!

As per his promise, Taimoor sends Pari some if his books along with a note. Naheed teases Pari and they both laugh when the title of the first book reads, “How to Control Your Anger”!

On the other hand, Akku, who is literally blinded by love and thinks off Pari as Molvi Sahab’s daughter, goes back to Hyderabad and asks his old friend to help him in his master plan and pretend to be his elder brother in front of Molvi Sahab.

Zahid Ahmed was brilliant once again and him playing the role of a bad boy is absolutely a treat to watch!

Akku and his friend leave for Multan to find a lady, who can pretend to be his sister in law and also, to locate an authentic address of Multan in order to win complete trust of Naheed’s family!

Will Akram be able to implement his master plan successfully?

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