Visaal Episode 6 Review: Pari’s World Turns Upside Down


As in the last episode, Naheed drops a letter for Taimoor, as an invitation from Pari, and he thinks of it as a positive response from her side. But when he arrives, Naheed locks the door from the outside, leaving Pari and Taimoor all alone in the house.

When the two find out that the door is locked, they try to open the door and that is what catches the attention of the neighbors and a huge crowd gathers outside the house. At the same time, Pari’s father reaches home and breaks the lock and finds Pari and Taimoor alone.

Pari’s world suddenly turned upside down changing everything about her life, from her reputation to her relationship with her father.

Naheed realized that she has made a huge mistake and kept on cursing herself for her actions. She wanted to tell the truth to everyone but as she saw the wrath of the crowd, she could not pull herself to let everyone know that Pari is innocent.

On the other side, Taimoor has also been pressurized from the higher authorities to put the entire blame on Pari and Shabbir to save his job but luckily, the officer denied straight away as he respects Pari. 

On the other hand, Akram arrives at Molvi Ghufran’s home along with his fake relatives Yasmine and Dilber Pan Wala. Naheed’s mother advised her not to let them know that she is friends with Pari as they can face negative consequences.

Another perfect episode by the outstanding cast of Visaal including Zahid Ahmed, Hania Amir, Agha Mustafa, Tauqeer Nasir, Saboor Aly, Ismat Zaidi, Saife Hasan and Kiran Tabier. Now, we have to wait for a whole week to see how this will affect Pari and Taimoor’s life in the future!

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