Visaal Episode 5 Review: The Ultimate Betrayal!


With the story getting intense week by week, the 5th episode of Visaal brought the ultimate twist, leaving the followers to reconsider who to trust and who not to trust!

Shabbir has garnered some unwanted attention by other workers at work, who couldn’t digest the fact that an officer like Taimoor can be so polite towards an ordinary union leader.

In Multan, Akram has not only availed a genuine residential address but also found a lady to act as his sister-in-law in his master game.

With the reference to an old friend, Akram has hired a courtesan, named Yasmine, who will now accompany him to Karachi to send a proper rishta proposal for Naheed!

As per the invitation on his birthday, Pari and Shabbir go to Taimoor’s house but Naheed and Bua also go along. Naheed, who fantasizes everything, gets totally lost in Taimoor’s personality and his luxurious lifestyle!

Taimoor and Pari share a light moment and they both complement each other’s personalities and have a perfect chemistry!

Seeing them both genuinely happy, Naheed’s complexes have now taken the shape of jealousy and we know, a jealous friend can be the worst enemy!

She even calls Taimoor and talks like a typical lover and gets even more jealous when he keeps asking about Pari.

Saboor Aly did a fantastic job in reflecting the restlessness and complex she is facing. She stole the show in the scene where she questions her fate for not being as lucky as Pari, showing true colors of her character!

Lost in her own emotional tailspin, Naheed has let her feelings built up to a point where she has plotted a plan against her best friend. She drops a letter for Taimoor, as an invitation from Pari and he thinks of it as a positive response from her side. But when he arrives, Naheed locks the door from the outside, leaving Pari and Taimoor all alone in the house!

Another perfect episode by the outstanding cast of Visaal including, Zahid Ahmed, Hania Amir, Agha Mustafa, Tauqeer Nasir, Saboor Aly and Ismat Zaidi. Now, we have to wait for a whole week to see how this will affect Pari and Taimoor’s life in the future!

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