Visaal Episode 7 Review: Pari’s Luck Changing As Proposal Gets Accepted


As in Visaal’s last episode, Pari’s world turns upside down when her best friend Naheed puts her in a tough spot and her father Shabbir could not accept the incident because of the defamation in the neighborhood.

Shabbir is not ready to face the world and bear the harsh comments of his colleagues and neighbors. He also restricted Pari to stay at home and not to meet anybody, not even his Jumman Bua. Shabbir later allowed Jumman Bua to meet Pari after the insistence of her innocence. Luckily, Pari has now someone to share her sorrows with.

On the other hand, Akram, Dilbar and Yasmeen succeeded at what they wanted to do. We absolutely love the amazing acting of Yasmeen and the way she pretended to be the Bhabhi of Akram. Because of Yasmeen’s performance, Naheed’s parents accepted the proposal. Yasmeen somehow persuaded her parents to marry off Naheed in just two weeks and after some resistance, they finally agreed for it.

The higher authorities keep on pressurizing Taimoor to put the all blame on Pari and Shabbir to maintain his reputation in the sector, which he fortunately denied. Taimoor was given only two options by the bosses to either transfer his station or put all the blame on Pari and her father.

He feels terrible about the exploitation of Pari’s reputation and has decided to send a proposal instead.

The moment Naheed gets to know that she is going to marry off soon, she decided to visit Taimoor and tell the truth but when she reached there, she gets to know that he was transferred to another station.

We just cannot wait for the next episode!

Here is the teaser of episode 8: 

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