Visaal Episode 8 Review: Akku Gets Shocked Of His Life, Returns To Square One!

Visaal Episode 8 Review: Akku Gets Shocked Of His Life, Returns To Square One!

The journey of evilness, betrayal and jealousy continues with Visaal’s latest episode where Zahid Ahmed’s Akku gets the shock of his life for marrying the wrong girl. Hania Aamir, Saboor Aly and others also pitch in to maintain the drama’s huge popularity on ARY Digital!

In the latest episode, we saw Naheed trying to make up for the vicious plan she set against her best friend and goes to meet Taimoor to tell him the truth. She gets to know that he has been transferred to Islamabad and his P.A. hands her the apologetic note that Taimoor has left for Shabbir!

Pari, after knowing that Taimoor has moved to another city, feels even more devastated that he has left her all alone to face this hard time.

Naheed gives her the note, in which Taimoor has spoken his heart out, Pari realizes his true feelings!

Naheed tries to convince Pari to attend her wedding functions but she is too broken to face the world this soon. She stays at home missing all the fun while her only best friend gets married!

On the other hand, Akram faces a new threat as Molvi Sahab informs him that his friend, who is a very reputable personality in Multan, is coming to attend the wedding.

He still focuses on the wedding preparations because for Akku, marrying Naheed is worth all the efforts!

Little did he know, that Naheed is not actually the girl he has fallen in love with and all the efforts that he has put in this master plan, will go down the drain for no good!

After getting done with the Nikkah, Akram gets to see his bride for the first time and when the realization hits him, he goes in a state of shock, while his expressions say it all.

We all know how much Akram has struggled to come up with the best plan to get married to the love of his life. He goes back to square one because he has no idea who that girl was and where to find her now!

Even though we saw this coming but the execution of this scene, with the brilliance of Zahid Ahmed, was really exciting and we could literally feel Akku’s puzzled thoughts strangling his mind after finding out the truth!

Let’s see how Akram will handle the situation in the coming episodes!

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