Visaal Episode 9 Review: Pari Re-bonds with Father, Akram Remains Clueless!


Last week, we got to see some epic drama in the story when Akram, the master of disguise, accidentally got the taste of his own medicine after finding out that his newly wed bride is not actually who he thought she is, and this revelation left him all twisted in his own mind!

Well now, the only choice Akram is left with, is to be nice with Naheed because she is the only lead he has in tracing down that mysterious girl, he fell in love with!

Since they both have to live together now, Akku doesn’t continue the drama of his decency and Naheed finds it surprising that Akku is not really the kind of person, her father described him to be!

Their first interaction shows how truly unhappy both are and Akku, in his classic sarcastic tone, doesn’t hesitate to taunt about Naheed’s looks to even her neighborhood. Zahid Ahmed and Saboor Aly were brilliant in this well-scripted scene which did not fail to depict the sense of dislike between the two characters!

Naheed’s mom finds it weird that no one from Akram’s family came to attend the wedding (too late now), except for his brother but, Molvi Sahab calms her down because, for him, Akku is like the perfect guy!

Hania Amir once again stole the show and the scene where Pari and Shabbir re-bond, after so long, was truly heartbreaking. Pari also motivates him to rejoin his office because Shabbir has lost all the will to live a normal life after that unfortunate event!

On the other hand, Taimoor talks to his parents about Pari and how he really likes her. This doesn’t go well and Taimoor is asked to forget everything related to that incident and just focus on his career!

Shabbir goes back to his duty and some of his fellow workers don’t seem really happy about it. They even argue about electing their new leader and let’s hope, they don’t create any more trouble in Shabbir’s already messed up life!

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