Vulgarity in Pakistan: PEMRA Suspends Jalwa TV License Over Indecent Song


PEMRA is on a banning spree these days, slapping suspensions and notices left and right for the vulgar and indecent content aired on television.

This time, PEMRA has suspended APNA TV or Jalwa TV (as it is popularly known) for seven days from April 29, 2017, until May 6, 2017, for airing indecent/obscene content on March 30, 2017, and April 4, 2017.

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Jalwa TV aired the vulgar Hindi video song “Jahaan Tum Ho” sung by Shrey Singhal. The following video which is hosted on which has more than 19840735 views has been aired on Jalwa Television.

Jalwa TV has also been directed to air an apology to the general public immediately after the resumption of transmission on May 6, 2017. Besides, tickers/scroll pertaining to apology shall also be aired.

PEMRA took this decision after they had received a number of complaints about the indecent songs that were
aired on “Jalwa TV”. The authority had issued notices to the channel on April 5, 2017, for a personal hearing.

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After reviewing the complaints and analyzing the written reply of the channel, it turned out that the channel had violated Section 20 (0 of PEMRA Ordinance 2002 as amended by PEMRA Act 2007, Rule 15(1) of PEMRA Rules 2009 and clauses 3(l)(a), 3(l)(e), and 12 of Electronic Media (Programmes and Advertisement) Code of Conduct 2015. Instructions have been given to Paksat to immediately stop the transmission of Jalwa TV from April 29,
2017 till May 6, 2017.

Here’s the song that Jalwa TV was fined and suspended over:

Through a separate order, all distribution networks, and cable operators have also been directed to take the channel off air. In the case of non-compliance of PEMRA’s decision, the Authority shall proceed against the channel for revocation of its license under Section 30 of PEMRA Ordinance 2002.

Take a look at the full notice below:

jalwa TV lisence revoked 2

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