Wajahat Rauf Interviews Aisha Khan And It Will Send You Laughing


Film and TV director Wajahat Rauf is back in front of the camera and this time he is neither acting as a Sindhi Landlord (Karachi Se Lahore) nor as a Cannibal leader (Lahore Se Aagay) but as Akhtar Ehteshamuddin a.k.a. The Voice Over Man! Wearing a traditional safari suit, donning a beard and a mustache, he looks absolutely ridiculous especially for a host but that’s what makes it all the more interesting.

In this latest YouTube video titled ‘Good Question’, Wajahat’s new avatar interviews Film & TV actress Aisha Khan about the many inconsistencies and happenings in her life and times.  He makes taunts on her friendship with fellow actors, her ability to make the audience cry and what she would do if asked to sell a chocolate or get a chance to sing in the Coke Studio. And yes, there was the Waris Baig tribute as well where The Voice Over man sings one line from the song Suno Suno and asks his beautiful guest to repeat, something that she couldn’t bring herself to do while looking at the host.

Video Screenshot

The segment has been conceived and written by Wajahat Rauf himself who plans to make it a regular feature on Social Media and start with his friends who will not mind the highly-illogical-but-entertaining questions. His ‘quest’ with Aisha Khan will surely make you laugh since he asks questions that no one dares to ask and then keep a straight face.

You can watch the complete interview below:

To be honest, Aisha Khan looks more stunned than shocked on the ‘level’ of questions asked.

Who do you think should be the next celebrity guest on Good Question; do comment below to help the Voice Over Man compile a list as per the viewers choice.