You Will Be Shocked to Know What Meera Has to Say About Mahira Khan


Our very own Meera jee has recently made a comeback in the news. The queen of controversy is quite known to not keep her feelings to herself. This time she has something to say about no one else but the sexiest woman in Pakistan, Mahira Khan.

Meera does not seem happy with all the attention Mahira always gets from our media. In a video message she said:

“The trend of promoting Mahira Khan should end. There are other actors in the industry too.”

She looked unhappy with the fact that other actors are not receiving the same amount of attention by our media as the Raees star. Meera further added to praise and appreciate the work of other more beautiful and talented actresses of our industry.

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She spoke her heart out and according to her by giving all the attention to Mahira Khan, our media is doing injustice with other actresses. She said:

 “Injustice shouldn’t be done to other girls in the industry.”

This is not the first time that Meera has targetted Mahira Khan. There have been other instances as well where Meera has held Mahira responsible for injustice and for bagging all the big offers. Last year she even accused Mahira Khan for stealing all her projects. While talking to a news channel she said:

“I have dedicated 20 years of my life to acting and have performed various roles. Now there is a particular lobby which is creating obstacles for me to receive more projects. I feel that it is Mahira Khan who is behind this conspiracy.”

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On the other hand, Mahira Khan is getting a lot of attention from our media as well as from across the border, for starring opposite to Shahrukh Khan in the Bollywood movie Raees. Meera couldn’t digest this fact either and once tweeted:

“Just because she got chance to work with SRK that doesn’t make her best actress at all.”

Meera, for some reason, always appear unhappy with the popularity of Mahira Khan. Whatever the reason be, we can’t get enough of Meera and Mahira both.

We need to mention here that after learning all what Meera has to say about Mahira, it’s good to see them in a single frame together. Check out the video below.

The video clip is from Masala Awards 2017 that took place in Dubai last night.

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