Yakeen Ka Safar Drama on Hum TV: OST, Timings, Plot, Cast


Yaqeen Ka Safar is a Pakistani television series, airing on Hum TV starring Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir.

The serial is adaptation of the novel of Woh Yaqeen Ka Naya Safar written by Farhat Ishtiaq, who previously wrote the drama serials Humsafar, Udaari, Bin Roye and Diyar-e-Dil.


The title track of Yakeen Ka Safar has been sung by Hadiqa Kiani and lyrics of the track have been penned by Naseer Turabi.


The story starts with Zubia Khalil a young girl mourning over her mother’s sudden death caused by her father’s physical violence. She has an elder brother Rehan and his wife Sheema. Her father Khalil has threatened all of them for keeping their mouth shut.

Khalil is a fiery and conservative person who has accidentally killed his wife by slapping her because she disobeyed him. Zubia’s aunt Mahjabin arrived at time and consoled deeply devastated Zubia.

The second storyline involved a family in Islamabad, where a family is celebrating their son Daniyal’s wedding with his cousin Geti. Daniyal is a young lawyer recently graduated from London and is extremely practical and honest.

Asfandyar is the younger brother of Daniyal who would leave for Karachi for medical studies after his brother’s wedding. He is a lively and comical person and is ambitious. The family keeps a significant reputation as Usman (Daniyal and Asfandyar’s father) is a successful lawyer too. Asfandyar is engaged to Faryal (Geti’s sister).

The third storyline involves Noori, a naive girl living in a rural village of Sindh. Noori is kidnapped by a minister’s son Jehangir Shah and tragically gang raped. She is rescued next day by a man who brings her to the hospital where the doctor calls her family and informed them. Eventually, the family decides to stay mute since they are poor and cannot do anything against a minister.


Yakeen Ka Safar airs every Wednesday at 8 PM on Hum TV.


  • Sajal Ali as Zubia Khalil
  • Hira Salman as Geti
  • Ahad Raza Mir as Asfandyar
  • Shaz Khan as Daniyal Usman
  • Farhan Ali Agha as Usman
  • Huma Nawab as Mahjabeen
  • Ehteshamuddin as Khalil
  • Ainy Zaidi as Geti’s mother
  • Sabeena Syed as Faryal
  • Suhaee Abro
  • Sabiha Somar
  • Beenish Raja as Sheema
  • Afraaz Rasool as Rehan Khalil
  • Javed Iqbal
  • Munza Arif
  • Esha Ali
  • Nabeel Zuberi
  • Agha Talal
  • Khadija
  • Zia Gurchani
  • Nasreen Naz
  • Ismail Chandio
  • Aqeel Qureshi
  • Naima Khan as Jehangir’s mother
  • Hamza Shaikh
  • Ali Gul Malah
  • Naseem Fatima
  • Qazi Wajid as Rab Nawaz


Directed By: Shehzad Kashmiri

Written By: Farhat Ishtiaq


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